Fun in Fish Creek

Last weekend was the 14th year that I have been going up to Door County, Wisconsin to attend the Fish Creek Winter Festival. 14 years!!! I started going with a group of friends whose family had been attending even longer. Well, out of that group I met my husband and that family tradition has now extended to our family and our children.

Door County is beautiful in the summer (as many already know), but it’s just as beautiful in the winter too. This year we made a long weekend of it and arrived on Thursday; we basically had all the towns to ourselves! It was so quiet and relaxing, just what we needed.

On Friday, we decided to take the kids sledding. We were the first and only ones there! The sledding hill is pretty great and can be found at the north entrance of Peninsula State Park, between Fish Creek and Sister Bay off HWY 42. It’s called Hill 17 (in summer it’s a golf course) and across the road is parking.

Sledding on Hill 17 with no one around!
Creating a sledding plan.
First one up the hill.

Afterwards, we were ready to warm up and grab lunch. So up to Sister Bay we went to try out Wild Tomato.  I don’t know what else to say other than we all loved it! The kids enjoyed the homemade cherry soda and had a great view of the pizza chef twirling and tossing the dough about. We had the Sausage & Pesto pie and it was amazing, I highly recommend it!

Wild Tomato Sausage & Pesto Pizza
Enjoying a cherry soda.
Making critters out of pizza dough.

Next, the kids wanted to go ice skating, so we went to the Teresa K Hilander Community Ice Rink in Sister Bay. Unfortunately, they were busy getting it ready for the weekend and laying new ice so we weren’t able to skate. However, I did notice they have a warming area with concessions and looks like an outdoor fire pit too. We will definitely try it out next year.

Saturday, the day of the Winter Festival we had a great time. We got to do a bit of shopping and found some great deals. Then off to the games! The kids enjoyed the minnow racing, my husband and father-in-law both tried their hands at the football toss. It was amazingly crowded in the tent, so it was great to spend some time outside by the firepits and play the games out there too.

Minnow Races at the Fish Creek Winter Festival
Football Toss

Saturday night definitely became the highlight of our weekend though and we can’t wait to do it again next year. The Candlelight Ski/Hike in Peninsula State Park was fantastic. They lined a mile walk around the park with burning candles. A bonfire was setup with benches half-way around to rest and warm up. The kids made snow angels as the snow began to fall. It was just perfect… a great way to finish up a fun day and just enjoy the winter season.

Candlelit path.
And then it started snowing.
Warming up by the firepit mid-walk.


We look forward to the Fish Creek Winter Festival and all that Door County has to offer next February as well!

Sister Bay, WI
Northport, WI

If you want to find out more about the area and what we enjoyed, here are some links:

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(None of these links or businesses have paid for this. These are my own comments and experiences that I chose to share.)




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