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Did  you know that today is Young Readers Day? I personally was unaware of such a day, but quite glad it exists! I love reading and I am encouraging the love of books within my children. I feel it is important at every age to slow down from our crazy lives, pull out a book and focus on a new story or lesson. Some books can take you to another part of the world, others a walk through time, which ever you prefer is wonderful!

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Sometimes though its hard to know what to read. With so many books out their it can be difficult. Just this week I found my self at the library trying to find a new book. As I happen to be scrolling the shelves, two other ladies began perusing the same aisle. All three of use unsure of what to pick. Sometimes the titles don’t grab us and we’ve been taught never to pick a book by its cover, so how does one choose? How do you choose?

I tend to follow recommendations. Thankfully, I have a great group of friends who all enjoy reading, but they each like very different genres. I will also check out recommendations on Goodreads or the newspaper. Also, if I like a book by an author, I will see what else they may have written too.

Grab a book

But since it is Young Readers Day after all. I will share a few of my favorite YA books.

Do you help your children pick out books? How do you help them? What kind of books are they interested in? Here’s a few that I’ve enjoyed sharing with my children.

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Grab a book and start reading

Do you have a favorite book? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always listening for recommendations!

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