Crazy Socks

This all began many years ago when I was a teenager. I went on my first airplane trip with friends and had never gone through a TSA check before. Well, I learned I had to remove my shoes and found that I was wearing green and white striped toe-socks… yup. At first I was a little embarrassed standing next to my friends and fellow travelers all wearing “normal” socks. But then as I went through security, I heard giggling within this very quiet area. Turns out the TSA agent got a kick out of my socks. Ever since then, I try to find the craziest socks to wear while traveling to bring a little levity to traveling.

What do I look for in a sock? Well, it has to be comfortable of course, but I tend to look for bold and zany colors, sometimes pictures or sayings on them as well. Most of all, if it makes me giggle or look twice while shopping, I know I found a keeper.

Here are a few crazy socks I found while doing some online shopping. Check them out, you just might like them too!

(Clicking on the image will take you too the online shop.)

Color City Women’s Novelty Funny Ankle Socks $10

Blue Q Crew Sock “You’re Killin’ My Vibe” $11.49

Huiyuzhi Womens Cosplay Mermaid Socks $5.88

Are you a crazy sock fan? Do you have any travel habits? Feel free to share! Looking for some travel ides check out this blog post!

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