Sailing School

Each year, I let my kids pick something new to try over summer. This year my 6 year old daughter chose sailing!!! I enjoy sailing myself and am rather self-taught, so I’m thrilled that she has shown an interest in it and wants to learn. Granted, I think watching Moana over and over has influenced that decision a bit!

Each Monday night, we are shoreside learning something new and loving every minute! She is learning to sail in a Pram, although she calls it the bathtub! I suppose their is a bit of a resemblance. The first class she got to learn a few knots, which prompted her to ask for a rope of her own to practice at home… of course you may! So far its just been lots of fun for her playing with the boat, going swimming and meeting new friends. I look forward to seeing how she progresses through summer and all that she will learn.

Are your kids in any programs this summer? If you are thinking about sailing here are a few things you may need!

First is a life jacket of course! Make sure its fitted properly. You can pick up jackets in many places, but I go to West Marine. They have a great selection of sizes and colors. Since no one really likes wearing them, especially kids, its a great idea to pick out a fun print or color that will help encourage them to keep it on!

Deluxe Kids Rapid Dry Life Jacket, Pink

Naturally your kiddo will need an awesome swimsuit too like these from Joe Fresh. I also recommend a rashguard, helps make the life jacket a bit more comfortable.

Next thing you need, is a beach towel to wrap your little sailor up at the end of the day.

Natori Floral Beach Towel
Sunnylife Acapulco Luxe Beach Towel

How about some sailing shoes so your kids won’t slip or hurt their toes? Sperry’s are always a great option!

Seacoast Sneakers from Sperry

Next thing you need is a bag to put it all in. My first thought is a great sail bag from Sea Bags. I’ve always loved their Navy Anchor Tote… check it out!

Navy Anchor Tote from Sea Bags

The next thing your little one need is a boat. Just kidding!

Happy Sailing!